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Cascadia Veterinary Care, LLC offers the following services.  If you have questions regarding specific therapies please contact our office at 360-419-6607

Wellness Care


Cascadia offers full service preventative care medicine including personalized vaccination and deworming schedules, routine bloodwork and laboratory testing, physical examinations, and routine dental care. 

Cascadia strives to know your horse and what is normal for them as individuals.  This can be very important when emergency situations present themselves. Click on the buttons below to learn more. 

Sports Medicine


Having athletes can be a full time job!  It is important to us at Cascadia Veterinary Care, that your horse is getting the care it needs to be the athlete you need them to be.  This doesn't just include the horses showing most weekends, but can also be the horse that goes on trail rides frequently during the riding season.  The equine athlete wears numerous different hats based on what we, as riders, need them to do. 


Sports medicine services are offered to include soundness evaluations, basic saddle fit evaluations, and rehabilitation schedules.   Joint, soft tissue, and musculoskeletal therapies are offered to include joint injections, regenerative therapies, and integrative therapies.  Therapeutic services are individually tailored to your current show season and goals you have with your equine partner.  Please do not hesitate to call and ask questions; there are numerous options and products to consider based on each separate goal and level of you and your horse.


(Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine)


Acupuncture (TCVM) has become a very widely used treatment option for not only musculoskeletal problems, but many other body system.  The treatment can be geared toward acute swelling or chronic pain, allergies, specific organ disease, cancers, infertility, immune mediated diseases, neurologic problems, aging concerns, and used for overall body wellness.  Each problem presented is treated with a slightly different set of points and treatment plan.  These will be discussed and adjusted at each appointment based treatment response and each individual's needs.  

Cascadia Veterinary Care offers acupuncture as part of a sole treatment option, but more frequently uses it within a program designed specifically for each horse.  Please contact our clinic for more information on this treatment option or to get scheduled for an appointment.  

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractics)


Spinal manipulation therapy(VSMT), or chiropractics, has been used frequently in veterinary medicine.   VSMT has numerous applications not only in pain management and rehabilitation programs, but also chronic ailments and neurologic based problems.  

This therapy works synergistically in a program with acupuncture.  Treatments with spinal manipulation do not take the place of a soundness evaluation, but can be used once the problems are diagnosed.  This therapy works great on horses that are in full work and need that extra range of motion, or to relieve tightness.  

Please contact the CVC office to discuss this therapy or schedule an appointment to have your equine partner evaluated.  

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